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June 20, 2024, 12:31:52 PM


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Woodfordes Wherry

Started by PhoenixAle, January 30, 2022, 08:26:51 PM

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First time brewing a Wherry and kit brewing less than a year You cannot see attachments on this board.but very happy with the results. Started 03 Jan, cleaned and sterilised everything and followed kit instructions but left at 21ltrs. The kit came with two yeast sachets about 6gms in each so both were added at 21°C. Whole lot took about 2 1/2 hours doing some odd-jobs in between. OG was 1.043 and I used a heatbelt and an old coat to keep the temps between 18-20°C for two weeks.
Added gelatine after 15 days to clear it up and left in the fermentation bucket until 23 Jan so twenty days total but the temp dropped to around 15°C for the last 5 days. FG came in at 1.008 over the last two days which was a bit of relief having read so much about Wherries stalling at 1.020 so I reckon 4.6%.
Cornie kegged just under 19ltrs, vented the oxygen and pressurised with 18psi at 10-12°C to carbonate in the shed and 5 x 330ml bottles with carb drops in the hot-press for two weeks. 
After 5 days and being the weekend I lost all willpower and just couldn't resist it, I had a pint and it was lovely, first pull was a bit frothy so I ditched it and reduced the gas to 8psi and it poured lovely and clear with a nice head, tastes mild fruity/caramel and mild bitterness at the end. Pretty crisp  and refreshing ale but just to be sure I had two more pints to confirm. Lovely drink, may get even better with age and one I will try again.


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Looks nice. As with all beers a little bit of aging will condition it so you should find after a few weeks it may taste more rounded.
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Thanks lads, I haven't gone near the main stash since then, it's still in the keg in the shed under 8psi now. Trying to leave it until St Patricks weekend and it should be as nice or maybe better. I opened and shared one of the bottles last weekend and both of us thought it was spot on.