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July 18, 2024, 12:21:12 PM


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Limerick Brewers Reps

Started by johnrm, May 14, 2015, 06:35:30 PM

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Lads, please add Club reps here.


John can you give us a couple of weeks. We are trying to arrange a meeting at the moment and we will discuss club reps then.
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Drinking: Cascade Reaction Amber Ale, Fear Gorm Irish stout, lonesome pilgrim pale ale
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marzen scorsese

Anything ever come of this guys. I'm in Newcastle west in limerick and I'm the only brewer I know  :) so I'd be interested in meeting some fellow brewers and going along to the next meet. If anyone wants to meet before Christmas I'm cool with that it gives us plenty time to figure out a date. Looking forward to hearing from ye lads


Would also like to meet up as moved back in to the area 😆

marzen scorsese

Hopefully a few of the others will pop up and we can get something going for Christmas  :)


New to the home brewing scene so would like to know if there is a club in the limerick area? 


Quote from: Fandbtraining on November 23, 2017, 09:53:07 AM
New to the home brewing scene so would like to know if there is a club in the limerick area?
Hi Fandbtraining,

There is indeed, we meet up a few times a year, most recently just last week in Mother Macs, keep and eye here as we'll probably be meeting again after Christmas.

Are you based in the city? What kind of brewing are you doing?

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Thandi Juanita Guilherme

Hi all

Is this club still active? Who reps the club?


I guess I'm the rep so. We have a Whatsapp group that is fairly active. Calmed down a good bit since the ease in COVID but we have a good 30 members or so with varying activity. Why do you ask?


We (I'm the new NHC president; CraftGeek is VP) are doing an audit to see which chapters are active.
This will help us decide where to organize activities, spend money, etc. in the next year.

Could you please fill in the Limerick line in link I DM'd to you?

Thanks for your help!


Hi all, I'd like to meet you Limerick brewing masters some day ;D
I brew beer since 2019. Around 20 batches made already.
Is there any chance to join your whatsapp group? 


Hi Marek,

If you send me your mobile I'll add you to the Whatsapp group.