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April 11, 2021, 02:50:35 PM


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Whirlpool/hopstand vs hopback

Started by SureLook, January 11, 2021, 02:39:49 PM

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I have a DIPA recipe that calls for a hopback post boil after cooling to 80C. I've never done one of these before (although it doesn't seem too difficult assuming you have the equipment). Assuming I use whole leaf hops (more on this below) what is the difference between performing a hopback and performing a whirlpool followed by a 30-60 min hopstand? The principle is the same where I'm trying to extract the max amount of hop aroma/oils without isomerising and adding to the bitterness.

On the topic of hops, having chatted to the person who built the recipe, whole hops are used in the hopback (which I realise is common practice using this method). If I were to use hop pellets instead while also using the whirlpool/hopstand method described above would this make much difference? Reason I'm not so pushed on using whole hops is that I can't seem to source any of the specific ones I'm after (Bravo, Liberty & Crystal) on a reasonable scale (<100 g).

Feel free to suggest alternative ways to get the same result or tell me if I'm talking rubbish!


I don't think there's a fundamental difference between the two systems, but I would expect there would be some amount of variance between hop flavours and bitterness between the two (I've never used a hopback).

Hopback occurs in a sealed container with constantly moving wort.
Hopstand occurs in an open container with relatively static wort.

A hopback system generally has to use whole flower hops to to prevent them being sucked through the filter into the wort. In your case it shouldn't make any difference whether you use whole flower or pellet.

There's a good calculator for estimating the alpha acids extracted during a hop stand: https://www.homebrewmap.com/en/tools/calculators/ibu-diversity