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Started by rebel, March 26, 2013, 06:33:52 AM

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Next tasting Friday 5th March at 8pm in Franscian Well.             All potential new member welcome. Bring a bottle or two.


Are we gonna crack a corny ? ( it'd be worth testing it the day before if we are )


QuoteAre we gonna crack a corny ? ( it'd be worth testing it the day before if we are )

You cynic!


Quote5th March ???

I assume it should be 5th April, which is a Friday? :question


sorry 5th April, the cask of bitter has to be drank quickly due to cap blowing. If the beer is infected 24 litre bottles and the corny. All potential new members please pm me rebel or wallace


i might drop in for a half hour with a few bottles of saison, depending on shifts/lunch time etc.
i suppose you'll be back in the man-cave?


no change tonight 8pm at franscian Well


work is no fun after lunch time  in the pub :(


A very pleasant evening.
While I could not sample as much as I liked, I have to commend Mr Happy on his Belgian.

He produced a Belgian which on the nose held a note of cheese, specifically Roquefort.

He then proclaimed hat the yeast he had used was indeed Roquefort.

Lovely beer, good man!

Ger Cork

Good fun night last Friday.  Nice to put some faces to online names.  Unfortunately the club beers did not turn out as hoped but some very enjoyable beers from Taf, Mr Happy and Garry - and maybe others that I cannot remember off hand.

Overall very good night I felt


There's only one thing for it

We're gonna have to be more diligent about getting beer off the trub and into cask / corny / bottle in future .

Has to be done ( much as it's a chore )

Great night though !!