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April 13, 2024, 08:57:40 PM


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February Brew

Started by rebel, February 17, 2016, 05:19:35 PM

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February is taking place 9am Saturday 27th in Martin house. All Welcome. Please Pm for directions.  A Belgium triple will be brewed on the day.


The brew went well enough today.  Thanks to Dan, Vince and Richie for coming along, nice afternoon had by all.  I was happy I got the OG bang on and the colour looks good too.  Only brewed 18 litres because I didn't want to over fill my bag system.  I'm a little concerned that there's a lot of trub in the bottom of the fermentor, way more than normal.  I don't really know why this should be, maybe there was a spill of grain into the kettle when the boil started.

I'm going to do this one again during the week, taking the yeast from the Krausen of this one, because it only looks like I'm going to get 13 litres from this batch with all that trub, at least 5 litres on the bottom.

It'll be in primary for 3 weeks, then into secondary for THREE months!!!!  That's a long wait, hope it'll be worth it.




it should be good what hops and yeast did you use.


Hi Rebel,

this is the recipie I followed, had everthing exact, except for the flaked wheat I used malted wheat.


Fermentation has commenced, and I'm glad to see the trub getting smaller as it settles with time.  I'm just wondering is the wheat small enough to get through my bag, that's why I might have so much sitting at the bottom.