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Started by beanstalk, November 26, 2016, 05:25:15 PM

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Today I'm gonna try Greg Hughes Patersbier as I want a final quick and easy Christmas brew.

I've got 3kg extra light dried malt extract to 27 litres preboil.
40 grams 2013 saaz 3% @ 60mins
10 grams 2013 saaz 3% @ 5mins
10 grams hall mitt @ 5 mins
mangrove jacks m14 belgian ale (not sure how this yeast will turn out...)


Looks good, I'm just messing around with a similar AG recipe after listening to the Brewing Network Brewing with style episode about trappist single ales. I'm gonna use a bit more late hops though. Let us know how the yeast works out for you.


This beer has really come into its own now. The yeast is fierce banana-ey but I prefer that on a lighter beer like this rather than a wheat or that banana bread beer that was doing the rounds a wile ago.

I fermented at room temp and it probably rose to about 22C. It as clear as a bell too.


Really enjoyed this beer. Nice touch of banana and a little bit of Belgian spice but not too much like a lot of their stronger beers have.


Looks good.  What was the OG & FG? ABV?


Og: 1.042
Fg: 1.004
Abv: 5%