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North Coast Bottle Share.

Started by Sokratees9, October 23, 2018, 09:27:04 PM

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Hi all, I'm trying to set up a monthly bottle share in general area of Coleraine.  Why Coleraine?  From a selfish point of view, it's my nearest big town (I live about 8 miles away).

But from a practical point of view, it's a relatively big town.  It has a train station and decent bus connections (although few of those go after late evening, so it's really about trains).  And it has a pub right by the train/bus station that does a good selection of craft beers on tap and in their adjoining offie.  I'm open to moving it to different places in the area if suitable venues exist.

I've spoken to the barman at Fairleys, and he seemed keen on the idea.  I'll run it past the owners once I get the plans ironed out to make sure it'll work for them.  The general plan would be that each person would bring one beer each to share amongst those who are there (and if you don't have something to bring, pick up one at the office), drink those beers and have a few pints of whatever else is on offer.

Usually Fairleys charge a "corkage" fee if you buy a beer in the offie and drink it in the bar, which is expected, but I think we can get it waived for the bottles brought in to share (but still only one per person).  Since we'll all probably have 2+ more beers on top of the share part, and if we can get 5-10 people in each time, the bar will be selling £50-£150 more beer than they usually would.

I'd love to try and get one set up for November (but probably not December, too many Christmas parties), so let me know if you are interested, and please pass the message on to others who might be keen.  Tentatively I'm looking at the third or fourth week in November, probably a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

The plan would be to start relatively early, around 7pm, so that those who have to get trains can get about 3 hours in before they have to head to the train.