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February 04, 2023, 06:45:13 PM


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Derry water

Started by DCLavs, April 14, 2020, 03:56:14 PM

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I've never used tap water when brewing but thinking of changing that as bottled water adds almost £6 onto the cost of a brew. I'm guessing most of us get our water from Carmoney. Could anyone give me advice on what I should add to the water? I'd be brewing stouts and IPA.


Send us a PM. I've written a document about exactly that. Meant to 'present' it at a local meet but never got round to it.


Brilliant. Thanks Tom.


Be careful with the water as they give an estimate pH of 7.2 for corrody supplies when it's actually 6.88. I normally add 100g aciduated malt when brewing for hoppy or balanced Ales or lagers and found this brings my pH to around 5.6 depending on grain types and I've checked this several times.


I don't think the pH of the brewing liquor matters so much anyway. It's just one variable in a pack of variables. Know your salts, know your alkalinity, you're set.

pH meters are expensive and a pita. Salifert test kits are less than a tenner (for 100 tests) and maths is maths.

Yes, acid malt works, but unless you know how it works, you're stabbing in the dark.

Sorry for countering your post, Gerryjo, I've had enough homebrewed wheat beer to float a Foyle punt.