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September 26, 2023, 03:54:31 AM


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HBC Pamela Anderson ale, stuck ferm 1018?

Started by Pereubu, May 04, 2020, 01:49:12 PM

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Hi all. I am brewing the Pamela Anderson ale from HBC, and its 13days into fermentation and stuck at 1018 for last 4 days. Yeast was one pack mangrove Jack's Abbey ale yeast, og 1052, temp 18 to 22. Is this done fermenting do you think? I used a calculator and attenuation is around 66%, yeast pack said it should 73 to 77 %.
I've given the fermenter a little shake and put the brew belt on to increase temp. If nothing happens should I bottle or pitch more yeast? Thanks


Any chance your instruments aren't giving you an exact out correct reading? Adding yeast at this stage won't help. If I were you I'd cold crash and keg/bottle it. If the gravity hasn't moved in 4 days it's safe to say you're not going to get anything else it of it. How does it taste?
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Thanks Mick. I will give it a swirl and bump up the heat a little and check in a day or so. I had an issue on brew day as I added the hops directly to the boil and when putting the wort into the fermenter the filter got completely clogged, I had use my stirring paddle to clear the hops away, but as a result a lot of hop sediment got pushed through into the fermenter. Is it possible that some yeast is stuck under a layer of hop trub at bottom of the fermenter. Will report back.


Hop matter in the fermenter won't stop fermentation. Those yeasties are stronger then that.


1 pack of yeast may be the issue here. When starting gravity is over 1050 I believe that the single pack of 11gr yeast pack is not enough yeast to finish the last few gravity points. If the beer is finished at 1018 and you have no more activity and you see the wort starting to clear then it's done. Bottle it or keg it now.
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Thanks guys. I'll cold crash and bottle at the earliest opportunity.


How Big was the batch size if its 25L you need two packets :-(


MJ yeasts packs are 10g. I don't know about the Abbey Ale yeast but I know when I crunched the numbers of the MJ m44 yeast vs us 05/Notty there was a significant difference in the cell count
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