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February 04, 2023, 07:25:52 PM


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Dank IPA Yeast Selection

Started by jonmuni, May 12, 2021, 01:23:04 PM

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Hi guys,

Im about to brew a dank IPA and am in two minds about yeast.

At the moment I'm leaning towards Verdant but feel the esters may confuse things. Alternately, US-05 or WLP001 would be the most likely choice. I'm not that bothered about clarity, but am looking to build out a chewy dank IPA. I have a bunch of Verdant yeast and some US-05 ready to rock so can go wither way. I plan on fermenting low, around 17-18c to keep things tidy and not over pronounce fruity esters etc. instead leaving that to the dry hopping for aroma.

I could go 50/50 of each also to mix things up.




Notty pitched 16 and fermented at 18 will be super clean yet the hops shine.


if its a choice between verdant and us05, i'd go us05 for the lower esters.


Yeah kinda agree, heart tells me Verdant but head says US-05


I recently done a split batch Citra smash with verdant vs us05 and personally preferred us05. I felt the hops shone through a lot more, it tasted fresher and juicier, it cleared up better. It's my third time using verdant and I don't really rate it tbh.


Ended up going with US-05 in the end. Up for dry hopping in the coming days so will let you know if it's hit the mark...


Yep! US-05 did the trick, just in case anyone is looking