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March 02, 2024, 03:14:19 AM


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Corny setup

Started by Jamesbil, December 07, 2021, 08:56:44 AM

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Hi all,
Just setting up my first keg.
Quick question, should I connect the co2 and tap straight after filling the keg, or is it ok to wait till its ready to serve?


Hi, You'll need to connect it up to carbonate and dispense. If you want to gently carb, just connect at your serving pressure, usually about 12psi and leave for a couple of weeks.  You can speed this up by setting higher pressure around 40psi (assuming beer is chilled) for 24 hrs and then turn back to serving pressure and leave it connected.


At the very least, purge out the oxygen and give it some head pressure to keep a seal.


Thanks both.
There is a bit of pressure in it now with nothing connected.
I was planning on just leaving it with nothing connected to carbonate, but just wondering if I will be able to connect the ball locks when they are already under pressure?


Ya the ball lock fittings go on fine to a pressurised keg.

You may have to use your body weight to attach the beer out fitting. I always find the gas-in fittings go on easier on my kegs somehow.


December 13, 2021, 02:24:46 PM #5 Last Edit: December 13, 2021, 02:37:16 PM by CH
Be careful about over pressuring kegs apart from the potential danger you will flatten the o rings and they won't recover and as your co2 system is under load you may be more likely to leak c02 and loose the tank of gas.
Unless you are in time trouble and need to pressurise beer quickly I would never go north of 30psi.
If you need beer pressurised quickly just roll it back and forth. Not ideal and your beer will taste differently vs over a couple of weeks in a fridge.
I store empties full of c02 under 10psi
Just make sure you don't force connectors onto posts, quality keg connectors and the right post should just pop on. I had shit Ali connectors and threw them out.
If you are cleaning keep all parts specific to individual kegs.
I know all of above from bitter experience and have 30 kegs.


Anyone fill me in on where to pick up a co2 cylinder? Or even a soda stream one as I have an adapter.
Mayo area



yeah I was on to them, pricey for a new deposit bottle, €125
also just realised I need a mixed gas regulator adapter,


125 that for mixed gas or just co2 gas
Dei miscendarum discipulus
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Ok managed to pick up a full stargas nitro/co2 for €50 trouble is now I dont' have an adapter for the regulator.
Is this it?


Just about to keg my 3rd kit! Previously I added sugar for carbonation.
Do I need to? Or can I force carb it instead?
If so what do you suggest?