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July 23, 2024, 12:55:42 AM


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Started by brewerson, October 28, 2022, 03:23:55 PM

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 Hi People.
 I am back brewing again after a 30 year break. Did  a lot of kit and extract in early days. Have taken up all grain this year . Am working on Irish stout and red ale  to hone my  skills. I did meet some Hopheads at an open day in the Franciscan Well  some years back. Wondering  if the Cork clubs are still active. I would love to talk  with like minded folk.
                       Peter.  East  Cork


Hi Peter,
   both of the cork clubs are very active. Drop both a line, and you will get inducted into the Whats app groups where there is a bit more chat going on.

Lee Valley brewers are more city based, and are more socially active, with meetups and internal competitions going on, Rebel Brewers have a larger geographic footprint, with east cork (I am in Little Island) well represented. Rebel Brewers tend to be a bit more brewing focused, with some bigger brewing projects (2 barrel projects on the go), and a lot more collective resourcing going on i.e. group buys and bulk distribution. Its quite regular for a few people to upsell preloved brewing kit for not much, and lots of back scratching where someone offers to take a big order of e.g. malt/hops/yeast and figure out how to get it to other people.

A few people are members of both groups, its well wort meeting up with both, and the meets tend to be in the city anyway. A while back there was a lot more zoom meetups going on, until we all got sick to death of those.

So between both groups its pretty active, though not very public until you get on the whatsapp comms.


Many  thanks
 I will try to reconnect with  groups


Hi Peter,
East Cork you say? Where?
There's a few of us based in Midleton.


Hi johnrm
 I`m living in the north east corner of the county, Ballnoe I pass through Midleton daily, did some schooling there in early 70s.I am retiring very soon and will have lots of time for my brewing etc hobby. I would very much like to connect with other enthusiasts in the area.
                                    Yours in brewing  Peter


Pop a DM to one of the named reps or John and you can get added to the whatsapp group