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May 21, 2024, 06:31:17 PM


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National Brewing Championships 2023 - Call for Judges

Started by SlugTrap, February 01, 2023, 07:32:00 PM

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February 01, 2023, 07:32:00 PM Last Edit: February 19, 2023, 10:54:41 PM by SlugTrap
Nationals is on Saturday, March 25, 2023 in Dublin (venue TBA later this week) and we'd love to have as many NHC members as possible to judge.

Registration is now open - enter your details if you haven't yet, or edit your profile if you already have an account.

Please be sure to enter these 3 pieces of information on the second screen, after you click "Register":
  • Your BJCP number - so you can collect points + advance your rank
  • Your style preferences + dislikes - so I can assign to you judge beers you like
  • Competitions judged - people who just passed the exam will pair with more experienced BJCP judges but veteran judges will pair with pro brewers

Registering on the site is the only way to add yourself to the list of judges - there are no signup sheets like in past years.

We have more homegrown BJCP judges than ever before, so I'm excited to have us all together on one day.
Hope to see you there!

Register here.

steve lamond

Did mine go through okay, think it crashed partway thru?


You're there, Steve.

You didn't list style preferences - could you go back in + list what you (don't) want to drink?

steve lamond

March 21, 2023, 07:52:32 PM #3 Last Edit: March 21, 2023, 08:13:35 PM by steve lamond
Ah sorry missed the second part of your reply,looked like a signature!
I'm happy with whatever to be honest

Was there an email went out, I've heard nowt?