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September 27, 2023, 07:35:54 PM


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Anybody using Burcos as any or all of their vessels.

Started by Damien M, October 01, 2013, 12:49:31 PM

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Damien M

I've been toying  with getting a couple of Burcos to use to upgrade my current plastic vessels.

My ideas are:

  • Burco 1 to be the MT  for initial water volume for Mash and then add grain then using heater to maintain temperature and step mashs ??   
  • Burco 2 to be the HLT for the top up Sparge water   
  • Sparge Burco 1 (MT) to temporary vessel using Burco 2 (HLT/BK) as Lauter source
  • Once OG met in Temp Tun then transfer back to Burco 2, when empty of sparge water, to use as a BK for the Boil and Hop adds

Does the above make sense and I know I have to mod at least the HLT/BK vessel to override the stats to allow strong boils and add PID control using STC1000s and temp probes. An make a  donut type false bottom for both to keep them away from the Heating element (if using an incorporated heating element). An a pump in the middle that can go from any vessel to any vessel.........but is there anything else I'm should be considering or am missing? 

And yes there will be photos and a write up if/when it progresses.


I may have a spare burco for sale in the next few weeks- 27 litre cygnet . I have had no problem using it as a boiler and later as a HLT


My boiler gives a great boil, think this is the same one - different seller though. Good price at the moment of 99gbp.

They only hold 30 litres though not 40.



Damien M

Thanks for the the comments on the various brands. And no one saying no too, so full steam ahead.