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brew sunday 22nd March at Franscian Well

Started by rebel, March 15, 2015, 03:42:34 PM

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Next brew 8am next sunday at 8am.  Jason has decided to be easy with us a Coffee mai bock.


I hope to be there - atleast we will have coffee to drink  ^-^


Did you decide what way to do the coffee yet ?

I'm all for adding it to the bottling bucket at priming time . brewed on the machine inside ....#

Just order 10 espresso's from Noel ..... ;D


How are all the Mai Bock brews doing guys? Are ye close to fermented out by now? There was some seriously high gravity readings on the day from what I remember :-)

Great turn out on the day too. I remember Dan, Martin, Tony, Daire, Antonio, Brian, Eoghan, Peter and myself. I'm sure I'm forgetting others, but after the Easter weekend my memory's not the best!

I brewed a light american amber on the day and it's turned out great. It fermented out in about 4 days, transferred to secondary for 5 days and in to keg just 11 days after brew day. Way way faster than usual for me! Served a good few pints of it on good Friday and nobody's poisoned :-)


Sounds good Vince . Are you around this week for the opening of my stella California Common ?

( I'm calling it Common Beure )


Lads - does everyone do their own brew at these?


Generally, there are 3 brews done on the brewday using the club's own equipment.

The best advice would be to pop along to the next brew day and see for yourself. Details here.


Found a photo of my American amber fermenting...

The yeast took off, bursting open the lid within 12 hours, and pouring out in to a container for 8 hours when I took this photo. It's a sort of ghetto Burton union system for collecting the yeast crop!

mr hoppy


A digital thermometer. It's got a probe that goes through the rubber bung and down in to the beer. I have it in there mostly for curiosity, but it's interesting to watch. Usually during active fermentation the beer temp will be up to 1.5c higher than the temp of the water bath that the fermenter sits in.

I bought a box of 10 of those thermometers and 10 bungs for them. Some time I'll bring the lot in to the well for a brew-day and build them up for anyone who wants one.