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Well that was a success! (another one)

Started by admin, November 15, 2012, 11:42:56 PM

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10 like minded individuals turned up in the Lucan County for a great evening of homebrew.

And as usual we were treated very well by our hosts.

Full write up tomorrow :)


Great to hear it went well, it's a pity I missed it!



Great reception from the hosts and a quality nosebag for good measure. "sure that would feed 50 armies". Think it wins quote of the night! ;D


Definitley great night, what I caught of it. Great to meet people who are passionate about their hobby.The couple of tasters I had were impressive. Very interested to hear Weiss explaining how he tweaked a kit to taste like that. Hope you keep on sharing Weiss, was there a mention of a regular "kit brewing post"???  :-X

Liffey Brewers.... it's kinda growing on me, something about the liquid.... "i can feel it in me waters" :-/

Is Mise,