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Kilkenny Brewing Club

Started by darren996, April 28, 2016, 02:43:43 PM

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Hi All

The school of food in Thomastown Kilkenny is launching a new Brewing club on May 12th @ 7pm.  Meetings will be once a month and they have built a micro brewery on site. Thomastown is 20 minutes from Carlow and Kilkenny and about 30 minutes from Waterford.  This is a great opportunity for South East brewers to come together and support a new club.

If you wish to attend please email info@schooloffood.ie so they will have a rough idea on numbers.
I am not affiliated in any way with the School of Food, I live in Thomastown and did a brewing course there previously.

Below is the email I received

"Hi everyone,

With Summer on its way, we're getting busy with plans for the School of Food Brewing Club. The SOF Micro Brewery will be the home for a Kilkenny Brewing Club meeting once a month. 

To launch the club we'd like to invite you to the school on May 12th from 7pm – 8pm. We have a keg of beer from our last brewing class which is just ready for tasting and we'd love you to come and sample your beer.

Please let us know by return e-mail if you'll be coming and feel free to bring a friend!

We look forward to seeing you.

All the best"


Are you guys setting up a Brewing community within the NHC? My folks are from ballyhale, so if I'm down to them on the odd weekend and I see a brewday on the forum, would be happy to pop in!


Hi Hingo, I would like to see the club affiliated to the NHC and will be putting this forward. I don't know any details about the club and how it will operate but I don't see why a new club would not want to be associated with the nhc. I will know more after the first meeting

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