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Questions for Speakers at BrewCon

Started by Hingo, April 13, 2016, 01:11:04 PM

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Hi All,

In advance of the day itself, we'll be getting organized to have questions ready for speakers to answer during their talk and we'd like to hear from you guys in what you'd like answered. Questions can be submitted on the below link and will be selected to be asked on the day. Depending on time constraints will try to get through as many as possible but might be a good idea to get yours in early.

You'll need to be there on the day of course to get the answer, if you haven't got a ticket yet (Where have you been, under a rock? :P) head over to http://www.nhcconference.com/tickets to grab the last few (trying to organize a bit of extra seating but there's about 4 left as it stands)

Questions can be submitted via this portal

Recap on speakers & topics

Gordon Strong - Gordon is our keynote speaker and will talk about how to achieve consistent results while pushing the boundaries.

Chip Walton - Chip takes every opportunity he gets to brew off the beaten path – using spices, herbs, fuits and other fermentables. He will present some of these experiences in his BrewCon seminar "Eccentric Brewing"

Bill Simpson - Bill will share with you some of the key flavour attributes of some well-known styles of beer and show how you can use this approach to improve your 'blind' identification of beer styles and to brew better beer

Dr. Gearoid Cahill - "The standard of craft beer in Ireland in terms of quality, consistency and presentation is increasing all the time and bears up very well compared to international craft brewers."

Peter Dudley - Peter will explain how perfecting your water profile will set up your brew day toward brewing an excellent beer.

Rory Sheils - Rory will talk about the impact of malt specifications and their practical use in home brewing.

Brendan Murphy - Brendan will speak about the rise to becoming a champion brewer, and how he landed in the middle of the craft brewing scene in Ireland today.

Alex Lawes - Alex will talk about how he went from winning awards to become head brewer.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starting to get excited now!

See you all then


Leann ull

Yep folks we have loads of questions from non members :(, need to get that balance right!


I'll try think of a few. There's always the classic "Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?" Which could become would you rather drink 100 average beers or one amazing craft beer.