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December 10, 2023, 03:14:29 PM


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Invite us

Started by DEMPSEY, July 28, 2016, 11:03:37 AM

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We the Liffey brewers one of the finest if not the finest homebrew club in the country with the gifts of brewing and conversation are looking to to a spot of roaming. We are interested in meeting up with other brew clubs on our travels so why not offer us an invitation to visit  :).
Dei miscendarum discipulus
Forgive us our Hangovers as we forgive those who hangover against us


Always welcome in the north!...it's only a 4 hour bus from Dublin.  ???


Always welcome in the North County.

Leann ull

You don't need an invite for GCB ffs ;D


You're very welcome over to us anytime lad! We're meeting up this evening actually, but I see yis have a meet on too.


Thanks lads were a modest bunch so we don't like to gatecrash or impose upon nice people
Dei miscendarum discipulus
Forgive us our Hangovers as we forgive those who hangover against us


Midlands brewers would have ye down too. A couple of our lads are 50% Liffey as it is I believe.
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More the merrier at meets as far as I'm concerned. Course, I regularly cross the border, so I have to say that!
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As you were at the inaugural meeting of the NCB (with another bloke) (we still have the negatives) you, Brian are almost a founding father of the NCB (as a few of us were founding the NHC)

You guys are always welcome to our meets - just let us know how many and when so we can delve into our "good stuff" bottles, specialy reserved for vistors" private stock and not just the normal supperb beers/ciders/meads and other stuff that hallmarks a NCB meeting

Remember its simples:

2nd Tuesday of the Month its the Boro in Swords
4th Tuesday o.t.m its Fowlers in Malahide.

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Remember: The Nationals are just round the corner - time to get brewing


Liffey Brewers yis are always welcome here in South Kildare. As you know we can make a right good night of it and have a camping event! Let's plan something soon if you are interested. :)

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It would be good to have ye down to Kilkenny when we get on our feet..  All clubs more than welcome..


You're always welcome up in Belfast!!


Wee County is only a spin up the road!