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C02 supplier In/Near Sligo

Started by bighoppapump, May 19, 2020, 09:18:24 AM

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I'm looking to get set up with a kegging system and am trying to find a decent C02 supplier that isn't too expensive. Does anyone have a supplier they would recommend near Sligo?


I'm starting to assemble all my gear for a kegging setup and I have some info that may be useful to someone else doing the same. I have been looking at different suppliers for c02 in Sligo the last few weeks and whilst there are a number available the best value one I've come across is www.airproducts.ie.
The guy I was speaking with was called Garett and he spent 30 mins on the phone talking me through all the options. They give you a cyclinder on a rental basis and oddly enough the 30L works out at the best value and is only slightly more expensive than getting a 2KG tank elsewhere. They do the rental on a daily or yearly basis depending on needs and then charge for gas seperately.
They have agents all around Ireland and he confirmed all the gas is food grade.I mentioned that I'd post this on a forum and he asked me not to mention exact prices but I can confirm they are cheaper for what you get versus the other places I've looked at.
Hope this helps someone in the same situation!