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Cider back sweetening help

Started by Oh Crap, April 01, 2015, 06:29:09 PM

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I did a couple of batches of cider last year and sweetened with Cologran - 1 at 4 tabs per bottle, the other with 1 tab.  The 1 tab bottles were drinkable but I could taste the sweetener's artificial flavour.  The 4 tab bottles that taste was overpowering and I ditched them.  I preferred earlier batches that were unsweetened but they did tend to be a bit dry (particularly for other drinkers  :) )

So in summary, I don't recommend Cologran.

Oh Crap

I decided, for some mad reason, not to back sweeten this time. I suppose it'll give me a base to start from. And I tasted one last night, appley taste but bitter as expected. I kinda liked it but added a tsp sugar to see and it improved it a huge amount. I got  some yeast from hbw that has sweetener in it so going to bang that on tomorrow, along with 15L dragon blood.
1 is good, 2 is better, 3 is enough & 4 isn't half enough

brendan pittorino

Try this - ferment to dry, and then add 20g of sugar per gallon, make sure that all the sugar is dissolved. If you want a flat wine, add 5ml teaspoon of K-sorbet



If you add sugar to a non-pasteurised cider it will just referment!
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