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March 26, 2023, 04:59:05 AM


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Tasting Exam March 2019

Started by Partridge9, October 30, 2018, 09:02:07 PM

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Will 100 ml be enough to determine head retention and colour\clarity James? I know 200 is probably overdoing it


It is -

between 90 and 110 is the direction... we will literally have a measuring cup to get the samples right..
the guidelines from BJCP are getting very tight ..

dont worry its loads for judging  ;)


Will there be a clock in the room for those who don't wear watches?

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Good Luck tomorrow all!

I'll be thinking of you all, I can still remember back in 2014 taking our tasting exam! Once you start your first beer it'll all kick in! Trust me I spent the first 5 mins panicking  :)

Then thought to myself "Will ya relax there and just judge the bloody thing!"

My other piece of advice is don't over think it after the exam has finished, the proctors will give you there feedback and scores but as James said dont get hooked up on it, its about your content on the sheets!

Enjoy the challenge, look forward to hearing how you all get on.



Can we pay fee in cash tomorrow?


Do you not have a Paypal account?
I'm sure James will take cash if not you can give it to me and I can PayPal it to the club.
You are going for National Status yeah?


Massive thanks to James for yet again organising the whole BJCP gig it's a huge amount of work in it and with massive support from Andrew, Rossa, Colm, Peter, Kellie & Bren, Ronan (who have I left out?).
It all benefits the club as we give better feedback and brew better beer.
I found the whole experience tough but rewarding and have learnt so much in the last 6 months.


I too wish to thank everyone involved in the setup of this! It's been an amazing experience as good or bad as it may be! Thank you all!

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Yeah, brilliant stuff folks, much appreciated. Roll on the results!


I'll echo that too. Thanks to James and all the lads who gave up their free time to come help us prepare over the weeks last year and everyone involved in getting the exams sorted on Saturday.