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Saison de Val

Started by oblivious, November 14, 2012, 07:45:50 AM

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Hi all

It been a bit since I brew a Saison, but I also wanted to do something a bit different this time. This  recipe is a cross between a Saison de Val and a Orval clone. The  grist is orvals along with the sugar and hopping and yeast is a Saison blend.

but there is a little twist, the WLP670  is a blend of a farmhouse yeast and Brettanomyces from pizza port brewing.

So I am hoping it it hit some where between a Saison and Orval. I am also going to give this a good secondary in a corny keg to help develop the Brett characteristics. The addition  of Cara-Pils is also to provide food for the Brett to develop flavour over time. 

Batch Size (L):          22.00   
Total Grain (kg):         4.91
Anticipated OG:          1.060   
Anticipated SRM:           7.2
Anticipated IBU:          35.1


   %     Amount     Name                         
67.2     3.30 kg.  Pale Malt             
11.2     0.55 kg.  Demerara Sugar (last 15 minutes of the boil)                     
11.2     0.55 kg.  Wheat Malt                           
  5.2     0.26 kg.  Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt                      
  5.2     0.26 kg.  Crystal 55L                  


   Amount     Name                               Boil Time
40.00 g.     Styrian Goldings                    60 min.
33.00 g.     Styrian Goldings                    10 min.


American Farmhouse WLP670 (blend of farmhouse and Brett yeast)


Transferred this to a keg for a warm secondary to let the Brett developed. the gravity was 1.010 so there are still a few fermentables for the Brett to work on. I also added 50g of sugar to dive the Brett a bi of a hand.

I also have two bottles to check how the Brett is developing