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June 16, 2024, 09:03:46 PM


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Strong lager Advice

Started by Andy Q, September 01, 2019, 09:30:17 PM

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Andy Q

Hi All,

Looking to brew a beer based on an old holiday favourite, red horse Beer in the Philippines, website confirms the following:-

Red Horse Beer (Extra Strong) (7%) (????)

Ingredients: Water, Malt, Cereals, Sugar, Starch, Hops

Going to do mostly lager malt, with sugar and Maize, as it's a thin drinkable lager for one that Strong, maybe some rice too, but the yeast is by biggest concern, hate doing starters! Thinking either:-

4 Packs of lager yeast
2 Packs of Notty for faux lager
One vial of lagerthea or Kveik yeast from HBC

not planing on brewing perfection, in fairness the original isn't a world beater! Just want something clean with a low FG,

All advice welcome as always, especially on adjuncts and yeast,

Stout/Apa fiend from Lucan


Or consider the Ubbe kveik (isolated) strain, available from either HBC or WHC Labs direct: https://whclab.com/collections/homebrew-liquid-yeast-pitches/products/ubbe-homebrew

These pitches are rated for 20L batches no starter. My current 55L+ patch of 1.052 pale ale is being chugged away by it. There are a lot of reports here that this strain can make lager styles at 35C+.

If you do go this route, you will have to sort out chill haze in some way.

Andy Q

Seems like a plan, should be looking at 20litres at 1.069 or So, one should be enough from previous posts on other topics I reckon?
Stout/Apa fiend from Lucan