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September 24, 2023, 11:47:17 AM


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NEIPA in lager

Started by Seauldhwael, April 18, 2020, 04:42:24 PM

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Hi friends, have you ever tried a NEIPA using ale malts, american hops and lager yeast and lagering proccess in low temperatures?

Thank you all


With an NEIPA you are looking for fruity esters, full mouthfeel & a quick turnaround to keep those hops aromas as fresh as possible.

The lager yeast will more than likely finish drier, with a more neutral character & the longer lagering times will both reduce hop presence & is likely to cause to beer to drop clear.


Thank you, so you suggest any other yeast of high fermentation I presume- Great


Please expert comments about my recipe. I am learning I need your feedbacks thank you.



Good morning,

I took a look at your Trevor and have some comments.

1. Your grain bill looks ok. Generally you want to avoid caramel malt in a NEIPA. You've only got a very small percentage in this recipe so it should be fine.

2. NEIPA should be hazy. I would drop the Irish moss (or any fining agent)

3. NEIPA should have that soft mouthfeel. It's recommended that the chloride to sulfate ratio be 2:1. If you have access to minerals you should adjust your water accordingly.

Good luck with the beer. You've some nice hops going into it. Hopefully you'll get the best out of them.
NHC Committee member


Thank you very much Mick02, your feedbacks are really helpful. You made my day, I am so excited about this recipe. Next week as soon as I receive the malts and hops I will be working on it. Thank you so much. Greetings.