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September 26, 2023, 03:17:34 AM


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Waterford soon not to be a City?

Started by admin, October 22, 2012, 02:18:02 PM

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If the city and town councils are merged (and head-quartered in Dungarvan apparently), will the City legally become a town?


Thats a very touchy subject around here. It is seen as sour grapes by Phil Hogan since his attempt to have Kilkenny chartered fell through.
The politicos are spinning the "historic city" bull but it is cutting no ice here. There is a lot of anger about the lack of a word in the oireachtas from our elected representatives from the government parties.
Municipal district of Waterford just doesn't have the same ring to it. Check out this website


Limerick yes but Galway no. There would be less of an outcry if this was being done across the board.

Limerick will also be the administrative centre for the county but making Dungarvan the admin centre for Waterford makes it the "county town" therefore Waterford City is not even the most important "town" in the county

We are all aware of the terrible state of the roads in south Kilkenny until the motorway was built. It is accepted that this was deliberate to disadvantage Waterford against Kilkenny in attracting investment. Kilkenny politicians inc. Hogan were very bitter when Waterford was made the gateway city for the SE over Kilkenny and it still goes on. you still hear outrageous statements from Kilkenny people on local radio about earning their money in Waterford but only spending it in Kilkenny and when Waterford applied for an extension of the county boundary a kilkenny councillor whos husband earns his living in the city threatened to barricade the N72 outside Ferrybank. The most vociferous councillor in the media was on the governing body of WIT and at the time she made a nice living from sitting on interview panels here, she was so bitter she told me one day while walking to a meeting room, that as a Waterford man, I must be pleased that Kilkenny was turned down for city status, I told her it made no difference one way or another to my life and was only a problem for her. I lived in Co Kilkenny at the time and often had taxi drivers asking me did I know I lived in Kilkenny and how I could live with that, I could throw a stone back into Co Waterford I lived so close to the "border".
Waterford City Council are still annoyed with Kilkenny for allowing a huge shopping development in the Kilkenny part of Ferrybank that went against the City Dev Plan and 5 years later it still hasn't got a tenant.
All politics is parochial in Ireland and it is no wonder the SE has suffered so much with the gombeens that have been elected over the years. While other regions stood together and lobbied central government, such as the Shannon and NE regions being declared unemployment black spots while statistically the SE has the highest unemployment rate in the country, our elected representatives were too busy infighting. It is one thing to support your county but when it is suicidally to the detriment of the region then you should take a good long look at yourself.
The region needs a strong gateway city to attract much needed investment in the region and when the region becomes even more depressed those people who are rubbing their hands now will only have Big Phil and themselves to thank when their children emigrate.

I get very angry over the way politicians in the SE look inwards rather than support each other. It is why there will never be a university in the SE either, the first thing that was asked is "what do we get out of it?" rather than lets get a university in the SE and then lobby for a satellite campus. When a lot of the kids were going to WIT anyway and it makes more economic sense if you do attend uni to attend one close by, it made sense to see it being upgraded since a rising tide lifts all boats.

Sorry for the rant, I'll shut up now


The recommendation was for Dungarvan because it is more central, Waterford is supposedly too far east in the county. There is a fair bit of the county north and west of Dungarvan.
The 2 councils were to meet last night to discuss the whole deal but the mayor and the county chair were both unavailable so the meeting was adjourned.
That building in Ferrybank is a right eyesore, whoever gave the permission for that should be made live next to it with picture windows facing it. It is also too close to the road and dominates your view when entering the city from that side.


I agree with pretty much everything   Derek says - I'm not politically minded - nor would I be associated with anyone  in that sense and I never take the whole Cat V's Deise thing too seriously - to me it's never more than an excuse for friendly banter - but I have met and know people on both sides of the "bridge " who really do take this neighbouring rivalry too far  from the Top Level Guys who should really be above this stupidity to the Guys on the Street (who some of which at particular times of the year can get pretty viscous  about it)
But to be fair  - like anything -  the majority of it is just good natured crack - all it takes is a few muppets to cause problems - just a pity these muppets are in power
I'm surprised our Local Reps in the Dail have not been up  in arms @ it

here's to the  the give a shirt Campaign - but in a ll likelihood we'll probably just  end up seeing our old threads on Leaders Questions on RTE at some stage  :P
Cant wait to see Enda in me oul hawain!!
coz theres always something new to do