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May 29, 2024, 12:30:50 AM


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Intertap FC

Started by tsoonamee, November 22, 2022, 12:16:20 AM

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I am on the look for stainless steel intertap with flow control. As a bonus could be with handle or stout spout but not necessary. I can cover shipping costs also
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Are you specifically looking for pre-owned ?

I think the intertaps are being phased out in favour of the nukataps, which ikegger have on a black friday sale.
https://ikegger.eu/products/flow-control-tap-nukatap?_pos=2&_sid=306a205f3&_ss=r but you want to be quick


I am looking for any : new or pre owned.This is similar model and to be honest I'd take it if no luck within a week. My only concern is that internal module which is in nukatap looks to be made of plastic vs intertap guts are made of stainless steel. I found one in US but shipping plus taxes treble the price
Nothing is better than smoked bacon


Aliexpress might have them. They have Nukataps with FC for a reasonable price. Or at least they used to. I got mine for about £20 to £25. I recently bought a Nukatap without FC from Malt Miller for £18. Beer doesn't half fly out fast when it's connected directly to the post.


Ended up with nukatap but still open to offers if anyone has intertap FC. My ocd isn't 100%
Nothing is better than smoked bacon