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May 28, 2024, 05:12:29 AM


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Batch taste gone off!!

Started by Homebrewrookie, May 06, 2020, 06:32:02 PM

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Hi everyone. Just a quick one. Very new to home brewing. I have had a go at two brews already getting ready to try a third again.

My first two brews had a gone off taste off of it. Trying not to let it happen again this time.

Just looking for a bit of advice on how to not have gone off tasting beer  :)

All advice taken on board.

Thanks again


It depends what you mean by gone off taste. Is it the same before you bottle vs when you try it when carbonated

You might be doing these already but
1. Treat the water with a crushed Camden tablet the night before
2. Throw out the kit yeast and get another packet of yeast
3. Ensure you expose the beer to as little oxygen after fermentation (no splashing)
4. Ensure constant temperature when fermenting
5. Keep out of light while fermenting
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Can you describe the taste a bit better? Lots of different flaws throw off different tastes. Can help pin down the problem.


Cheers pheel for the advice.

Looking at your list I think I might have a problem with the temp and also I might have moved it during fermentation on my last try.

I'm fermenting in my kitchen and during the night the temp could drop into single digits so I'm guessing that could be a problem. I really have no where else to put it so if I wrap it with a jumper / hoodie with a temp belt.... would that work???


Thanks Nigel.

The last time I brewed I got a weird vinegar taste of it.

And I'm not sure if I cleaned everything properly or if I had problems with my temperature...

Cheers for replying.


Vinegar is probably acetic acid which if its strong is probably because of wild yeast. Which either means problems cleaning or you opened the fermenter too much during brewing

What you using to clean and sanitize?
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Right so well that narrows it down so...

I was using wmp to clean all equipment but I wasn't using a sanitizer.

I'm just after getting a sanitizer now so should I clean and then sanitize before I brew my beer....???


yes. clean and sanitize everything that will come into contact with the beer or any of the ingredients.


Ok thank you for the replies and advice.

Hopefully with taken everything you all said on board. It will be third time lucky for me and my brew 😀😀

Thanks again everyone


I just finished my 3rd batch and my first batch was undrinkable as well. It was down to poor temperature control, lifting the lid and general inexperience. 2 batches since have been good. As said already, just really important to sanitise everything and once set up, leave it alone. I'm still learning loads with each batch I do and still making mistakes but that's half the craic of it.


Ah brilliant davmcgoo. At least I'm not the only one 😀.
Well I think this time I'll sanitise as well.
 I never done last two times and I was impatient with it lifting the lid, moving the fv and just doing stuff I shouldn't have been doing but fingers crossed this time works out a lot better...



Great. Hope all goes well with your next brew 👍
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Cheers pheel thanks.

Currently one day into it and it's bubbling away and there seems to be a bit of funk on the side of the fv at the top... I presume that's ok at this stage???

Also I don't see any foam yet...

Is that normal???


Where abouts are you based, might be living close to a member of a homebrew club. They might be able to help.


Hi guys,

Just a quick one...

I brewed a beer kit on Saturday... it has been bubbling like mad thing from sat till last night...

But this morning the bubbling has subsided to like one every few mins...

And also I don't seem to see any foam either...

Is this good or bad???