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October Monthly Meet - Oct 10th

Started by fishjam45 (Colin), September 25, 2019, 02:39:42 PM

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fishjam45 (Colin)

Location: Parlour (behind the bar) in The Harbour Bar, 1 Strand Road, Bray (opposite the harbour).

Date: Thursday 10th October @ 8.00pm

Any new members welcome, open to all.

Come on in for an evening of talking & tasting everything homebrewed.

We expect there will be many kveik based beers at this meet including 1st, 2nd, HM and "best named beer" placed entries from our recent "Great Irish Kveik Off" nationwide competition, all coming from within our club.

If you have some brews you want to bring along for tasting, 2 x 500mL should do.

Contact: Fishjam, Pob
Garden County Brewers



fishjam45 (Colin)

1. Pob - Kviek BIPA
2. Colin - Kveik NEIPA, Kveik Tropical Stout & McGargles Export Stout Clone
Garden County Brewers


fishjam45 (Colin)

The line up of beers for tomorrow night is looking good!

Kveik Citra Pale, Kveik Black IPA, Brett Saison, Kveik London Porter, Kveik Tropical Stout, McGargles Export Stout Clone, El Dorado Pale, Sam Adams Clone, 19 Degree Vienna and Punk IPA Clone so far.

Open to members new and old, come down if you are thinking of joining too.
Garden County Brewers