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Started by nordic man, February 20, 2014, 11:20:01 PM

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nordic man

I'm just after trying out my American Pale Ale I brewed a few weeks ago, and there are not very fizzy. I used one carbonation drop for 500 ml. Will it be better if I wait longer or did I use to little priming sugar? Should be enough after the instructions....


Wait 6-8 weeks
Next time you brew if you don't have a coopers bottle lying around put some in an old lucozade bottle, make sure lid if tight, as co2 is given off it will get harder to squeeze.
An old jizzer taught me that and it works a treat!!;)


Did you cap the bottles correctly? A poor seal might explain it


For 500mls 1 drop is not enough. 1 1/2 drops is the norm. :(
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nordic man

Quote from: DEMPSEY on February 21, 2014, 12:29:15 PM
For 500mls 1 drop is not enough. 1 1/2 drops is the norm. :(

Hmm, that's annoying, thought it was a bit strange the instructions said 1 drop for 500 ml and 2 drops for 750 ml. This is an Bulldog kit. Well, will use normal priming sugar on the next batch.


I only ever used 1 in 500's, but you have to wait!