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Gozdawa kits

Started by LordEoin, July 29, 2015, 01:09:32 AM

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So, there's been a lot of Gozdawa brewing going on over the past few months.
What are the brewers' final thoughts on the range?


It seems a lot of people have had problems with the fermentations sticking, myself included. TBH, before Bavarian Girl's Dunkelweiss review came in, it looked like the range was a complete write off (wish I'd asked for that now - I love dunkels!). My Milky Stout is, frankly, not great at the moment. However, it does seem a lot more promising now than shortly after it was bottled so I live in hope that a few months will turn it into the beer it should be.

fishjam45 (Colin)

I did the weissbier and ended up chucking it. 
Garden County Brewers



I think the cider and Dunkelweizen are OK, the Dunkelweizen being the better of the two with room for improvement there in both if hacked well!


The fermentation time was definitely way longer than stated! Even though the final turnout was a bit fizzier than expected without a great head, it turned out as good as the purchased Erdinger. I would definitely recommend it especially to brew-beginners, since it was so straight forward!

@Drzava I think 3 weeks maturation time is a bit short anyways. I remember when Keg and I did his first kit (Coopers Lager) it wasn't great at all at the time, but grand for a party of non-beer-geeks ;) After a few weeks when we decided to drink the last 2,3 bottles we were so impressed with the taste since it actually turned out really nice! We wished to have just kept a few more bottles aside!

@fishjam45 was it that terrible? Did you use a brewbelt? I know varying temperatures can affect the taste quite a good bit... Or did it get infected? Did you dump all or keep a bottle or two?

fishjam45 (Colin)

@BavarianGal - yep it was that terrible.  I kept giving it more time to condition in the bottle and it got no better.  it fermented for about three weeks if i remember correctly.  It was clear too, nothing like a weiss bier.  Fermentation temperature may have been too high if I was to guess at anything.  It wasnt infected and I didnt use a brewbelt.
Garden County Brewers



Aww that's a shame!
3 weeks is a pretty long!
The fermentation temperature was stated as 25 - 28 °C for wheat beer and I think without the brewbelt I wouldn't have been able to achieve that. I had it on constantly to have a temperature of 26 °C. Do you know what temperature it was at?
What do you think could have been the issue?
Such a pity it didn't turn out well!


Just to chime in here I did the brown ale (received on the beoir raffle) also got a stuck fermentation. Transferred to secondary and pitched us-05 which had little to no affect.
I've sampled a bottle and it's up there with the worst beers I've brewed. Serious kit twang off it. I'll give it some more time but it's not looking good.


Probably the worst tasting kit I've ever brewed and strongly considering dumping it but I'm going to let it age another while and see how it turns out but I don't have high hopes
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drinking - whiskey stout


I'd almost try one of these myself out of curiosity.


My Milky Stout is still tasting like fizzy treacle and my hopes are fading that it will improve but I'll persevere. I'm happy to share some with members around Cork if anyone wants to chance it.


Being a few samples along to a rebel meet.

I have the imperial IPA which I will knock out at some stage.