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November 30, 2022, 01:04:57 AM


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Started by Rick600, February 27, 2022, 12:52:30 PM

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Hi, can anyone help me with a small issue? I recently brewed a batch of apple jack cider from a kit. Everything went according to plan (the instructions) and about 30% of the cider turned out normal. But the rest was flat - still drinkable though but not as nice. My concern is  how did this happen? All the cider was bottled at the same time - syphoned from the fermentation bin into wine bottles with screw caps. I suspect that some of the caps werent as tight as others but 2 of them had corks in and they ended up flat. I added sugar before bottling for carbonation. This is my second attempt at home brewing. The first was a cider kit made just before the last millenium (whenever that was?) And only about 7 bottles survived (popped corks) and were all rather unpleasant. Anyway has anyone had any experience of this?


Did you add the sugar to all the cider or bottle individually? If the former you'll need to stir it to keep it mixed in the solution. If it's the former you might not have added enough sugar. Also it's possible there's not enough yeast left in the solution
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