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April 13, 2024, 09:10:12 PM


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Priming with undissolved dextrose

Started by Paul86, December 19, 2018, 02:40:46 PM

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Hi everyone,

Very general question,Will priming with undissolved (Dry) dextrose produce sufficient Co2 to carbonate a brew??

I have worked out the required amounts for the desired Co2 levels (roughly 2.7g per 500ML bottle) to get 2.25 Co2.

Only every worked with carb drops prev and dont currently have the equip to batch prime.




How are you getting the dextrose into the bottles? If you're using a teaspoon or something it will dissolve in the beer and carbonate fine. It's fiddly work though.

What's your setup currently? I've batch primed into the primary before and it works fine. Just means you end up with slightly more sediment than is ideal.


Hi Irish Goat,

I got a little scoop with my starter kit specifically designed to go into the neck of a bottle hopefully its not too fiddly.

My sets ups basic, 30l pot, 2 x 30l plastic fermentors heat pads...noobie standard

I would batch prime but ive no syphon or tubing at the moment (on my next order list.

I just wasnt 100% if the sugar alone would be enough for priming but im going to give it a go.

Thanks for the reply :)


You could Dissolve your dextrose.
Use 5ml water per bottle so 40 bottles 200ml.
Dissolve your preferred amount of dextrose.
Use a sanitised syringe to inject the bottles before filling.
Easier to get consistent than using dry dextrose.


Hi John,

I had considered doing something like this but wasnt sure how much water would be necessary to fully dissolve the dextrose.

You reckon 2.7g would dissolve okay in 5ml of water, have you ever done this yourself??

I have never dissolved sugar in water, guess whats the worst that could happen, may be a bit easier that working with loose sugar.


If you dissolve the sugar in boiling water and let it chill you could add it to the fermenter. Give it a very gentle stir with a sanitised spoon and leave it sit for 15 minutes and the sugar will be evenly distributed. Just needs to be bottled straight away then.


As the guys said, sugar in the bottle will carb fine, doesn't need to be diluted, since you have a little funnel.

Otherwise make a priming solution, gently stir in primary and then bottle. Very gently though or you'll pick up a lot of yeast.

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