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June 19, 2021, 11:54:16 PM


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Conical Fermenter Turb / Yeast Dump ?

Started by MichaelE, February 17, 2021, 05:11:42 PM

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Hi All

Recently invested in a stainless conical fermenter and I have a brew in it since Saturday last

I don`t need any yeast harvested until im ready to keg it up in about two weeks time however before then, are there any opinions on if / when to dump some of the turb / yeast off the bottom?

I read a lot opinions ranging from

-Dont bother dumping - do nothing & leave it there
-Dump it a few days in once fermentation has slowed
-Dump it before cold crashing



I wouldnt bother TBH unless you have a plan for that yeast, or its being a bit messy around your racking arm.

If you are planning on doing a late dry hop, sure thats a good time to dump out the yeast then - will stop the yeast taking away your hop aromatics.


You could also use the dump valve to collect settlement of gunk when you first transfer the wort to the fermenter. Hold back pitching the yeast for an hour to let the gunk drop out and then close off the dump valve and remove. You can then clean it out and refit the dump valve to collect the yeast. Doing this at the start adds a burn of air so that's ok as you are only now pitching. After this make sure no more air gets in.
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Thanks.. great suggestions, next time I will drain off the before pitching

I not planning a dry hop on this one but when I am I'll do a dump prior