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December 06, 2023, 04:46:05 AM


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[Reveiw] - Sadlers Reserve Pinot Grigio Rose

Started by Dodge, August 04, 2014, 06:54:20 PM

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Well firstly I'd like to thank Lord Eoin and especially Geterbrewed for the Sadlers Reserve 30 bottle Wine kit. I got the Pinot Grigio Rose which I haven't had before so was looking forward to getting it started. Great to have a nice glass of Rose during the summer.

The kit instructions are well written with the various steps listed out for each particular day. Very professional looking compared to other wine kits out there

The kit came with the following:
A double lined foil bag containing about 8.5Kg grape juice concentrate,
Sachet of tartaric acid
Sachet of Bentosil
A bottle of grape skin tannin
A sachet of yeast and yeast nutrient
A sachet of Pottassium sorbate and Pottasium Metabisulfite
A bottle of Chitosan

I had to use a bucket to make the kit so as always, the bucket, lid, paddle and airlock were all sanitised with Starsan and ready to go

I prepared the must by adding the grape juice and topping up with water to 24L. The bag containing the juice was rinsed out several times to make sure nothing was left. I took a reading and was bang on with what was listed on the instructions of 1.084 OG.
The sachet of Tartaric acid was sprinkled over the must, the sachet of Bentosil was mixed and added as required, the bottle of grape skin tannin was poured in and the sachet of yeast was sprinkled over the must before stirring gently.

Fermentation took off within 24 hours and was placed in the house where the temperature remains a fairly constant 18C.

24 days later the gravity was checked and it was at 0.995 which again was what the instructions listed the Final Gravity should be. I know that the airlock had slowed down after the first week but when trying out kits I think its better to go as per the instructions first before changing things or the time frame.

The sachet of Pottassium sorbate and Pottasium Metabisulfite was sprinkled into a sterilised empty bucket before I racked off the wine.
The wine was then degassed by vigorous stirring with the paddle to remove as much Co2 for 5 mins.
I did this a couple of times that day before adding half of the bottle of Chitosan as required.

The following day the other half of the Chitosan was added, a quick stir and then the fermenter was left for a week to clear.

Today I racked off the wine into bottles. Firstly I very impressed how clear the wine is and its a lovely Rose colour. More importantly the wine tastes fresh without any off flavours that can linger with some wine kits.

I know this will only improve with age but I think today with the sun shining I will have a glass or 2 ;D

Again all I can say is that I'm impressed with the contents and how they are labelled, easy of instructions and quality of the final product


The bottle of grape skin tannin is a nice touch. I've never seen a wine kit include one of those.
How did you get on with the few glasses in the sun?


Yeah the grape skin tannin is a nice touch. I hadn't seen it before.

Good evening here yesterday so it whent down a treat  ;D


Thanks for the awesome review, the wine looks great, we are trying to attract a new generation to wine making, with Sadlers Reserve it is possible to create a fine wine at home with ease. We are also giving away a free 33 litre fermenter with every Sadlers Wine Kit.
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I'll be looking into ordering another kit soon. Can't let a good thing pass.