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October 23, 2021, 02:23:48 AM


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Anyone around Dundalk that might have a spare lager yeast?

Started by bazbart, December 27, 2018, 12:23:23 PM

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Hi all,

Bit of a long shot but is there anyone in the Dundalk area that might have a lager (or similar) yeast going spare. Happy to buy it off you. Did a brew yesterday and pitched a wyeast. After 24 hours still no bubbles in my fermenter. Tried raising the temp a bit to see if that would activate it but no joy. Last resort to add new yeast.

Thanks for reading!



I've a slant of California Common yeast, you'd need to build it up is the only thing.
Whattemperature do you have it at?


Thanks Helmet,

It's sitting at 18 degrees. Wonder should I raise it a bit though. Here are you based?


Thanks. I might give you a shout tomorrow if you don't mind. The OG has moved ever so slightly from 1.053/4 down to 1.052 over the past 24 hours. I had a look at it though and there is no krausen at all. Hoping it'll be ok. 


Quote from: bazbart on December 27, 2018, 12:23:23 PM
Did a brew yesterday and pitched a wyeast. After 24 hours still no bubbles in my fermenter.

I normally find that pitching straight takes a few days to get going compared to a starter (probably more so as it's fresh yeast). Might be worth waiting a bit to see if it's working.

Also never look for the bubbles as they aren't always an indication of what is happening in the fermenter. Learned the hard way myself

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Can I take you up on your offer?I can call down today if you're free?


Just an update. Looks like I was a bit quick to dismiss the WYeast. I now have a healthy bubbling airlock. It might be the yeast tales a bit longer to start (which I can now see other people in the forum have had the same experience) or I mightn't have had the lid on tight, or a combination of both. Any way it's bubbling away happily now. Thanks again for the help. Panic averted hopefully.