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O'Hara's Stout - Discussion

Started by irish_goat, June 24, 2017, 02:45:53 PM

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Sorry, away from computer and beer as my little girl woke up.

Aroma: coffee up front

Taste: coffee then chocolate, fading out to fuggles.


Carbonation is fine. But the bitterness lingers on the tongue. Dark chocolate esque. While i am getting use to the roast flavour, wouldnt say i'm relaxed with it


Definitely easing into it. The tart bitterness is still there, but the roastiness has given way to a more sweeter, less aggressive chocolate. Which is more pleasant for me


Actually, just noticed their tag line at the cap label. Pretty accurate (which is unsual among beer self descriptions)

So to sum up - what they  said! 


O'Hara's Stout has always been a nice beer in my mind. It was one of the first craft beers I drank and I still find myself buying it every so often. The O'Shea's Stout from Aldi (which I am convinced is the same beer) was a staple for me when I was at Maynooth.

Overall, a very pleasant beer. I would maybe like a tiny bit more body in it and a bit more complexity in the aroma rather than just chocolate and coffee. Costs £2.99 in Derry which is a bit steep compared to the offerings in Tesco and Sainsburys. Down in Dublin it tends to be only a bit more expensive than Diageo and Heineken's stouts.

8 out of 10 overall for me.


Labels come off fairly handy.....bonus point!

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I would like a bit more body too. It is pretty pleasant. I wouldn't seek it out but if it was my only option on a night out I'd be happy enough. 4 for €10 in SuperValu is good.

6/10 (for me anything over an 8 is exceptional)


For me, and this is just coming at it as a uniformed by-stander, - i found it quite aggressive with the roast, and the tartness was just too much to get  over, even though the roast eased, i wasn't in a rush to take the next sip. While, undoubtedly a fine beer, its not something i would drink for a night. For me, it would be ideal for a slow drink. Would i order a second, probably not. But thats just personal taste


I get the aggressiveness you'se are chatting about. I quite like that though.

I suppose from a judging point of view it's probably a bit much however.


Good choice of beer though. Interesting to see the views of others. I can totally see why folks would go for that level of bitter roast taste. Especially if they were a black coffee drinker.


Enjoy the roasted and bitterness. I am a coffee drinker too. Will give a 7/10, pretty enjoyable



Quote from: Slev on June 28, 2017, 10:21:16 PM
Thanks folks. Enjoyed that

Same here.

Happy for someone else to pick a beer for next week/fortnight. I'll be down in Dublin this weekend so can pick up pretty much anything then too.