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Best of Irish Stout/IPA

Started by Andy Q, August 07, 2017, 10:56:38 AM

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Andy Q

Hi All,

Heading to the Philippines next week, have one night as a free man, and have found two brewpubs I'm planning to make home, One of the brewers seems genuinely interested in Irish Stouts/IPA's so would like to bring the two best examples with me,
I'm leaning towards Surrender to the Void, and the Barrel aged Black boar if I can find them, might grab the Mescan Red Tripel too, just because I like it, and is easily available in Lucan. but what is the general Consensus on the best IPA/Stout in the country?

All help appreciated, as any recommendations i haven't tried/had in a while, may need to be bought in duplicate for quality control purposes :P

Go Raibh Mile Maith agat,

Stout/Apa fiend from Lucan


If you can find it fresh: suggest 8 degrees Hurricane (or any 8 degrees).


Where in the Phillipines are ye heading?

Andy Q

Heading to General Santos City way down South & Craft beer wilderness, but have an overnight in Cebu en Route, who have Turning Wheels Brewery(the fella I'm bringing beer for) Baguio Craft brewery(20 beers on tap, half fruit beers, half Massive IPA/Stout/Barleywines) & have 3 breweries with bottles laced around the place(I may be missing my transfer)
Was planning a small trip to Iligan & Fat Pauly's (have had his latte stout before and it was class) but then the whole Marawi thing happened!) but may pop up to Davao(they have fat Paulys & Crows de Puta Madre there) & Maybe Manila where they have everything in Global beer exchange, but the traffic up there is a bit of a pain in the Aras, but if I'm made take that trip, it will be a nice little sweetener!

Do you know the place yourself?

Thanks for the tip on Hurricane, can get that handy enough in Supervalu, so will buy two bottles, it would be a shame to bring a passed it beer all that distance.
Stout/Apa fiend from Lucan


Ah nah, myself and the brother were there in Nov 2015 but we were only in Angeles and Manila. Angeles had a tiny brewpub run by a German fella who was churning out some decent enough lagers and a German style IPA. Manila had a place called "Tap Station" which I think owns a few pubs around the country. The beer wasn't the best though, think they were all fermented too high. Weirdly, they also imported Punk and Tennents. The pints of Punk were about €6 (12 times the price of a bottle of local piss). Agreed the traffic in Manila is atrocious, one of the reasons I'll probably never return.

As for beer, I'd recommend Leann Follain and Hurricane as well, also Scraggy Bay. Would definitely check the dates to make sure the IPAs are fresh just.