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July 22, 2024, 11:52:06 AM


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[Review] St Peter's Cream Stout 3.0kg Kit

Started by Garry, January 01, 2014, 07:33:56 PM

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Cheers heeler, and welcome to the nhc. I bought the flip tops in a group buy we had a few months ago. Don't hold out for another one because it was a pita for the organiser(s)  :P

Keep an eye out here though because they do pop up from time to time. I believe pubs who sell German beers are glad to get rid of them for a bottle or 2 your finest?

I'm drinking a few of these st Peter's again tonight. Yummmmy   :-*


Quote from: Garry on March 14, 2014, 09:58:24 PM
This is a lovely pint. It smells really sweet/malty. But there's nothing sweet in the taste. It's bitter chocolate with a hint of coffee. Nice body. Good head initially but retention isn't great. Good lacing ( great for a homebrewed stout without nitro).

The head retention would probably be better force carbed in a keg than bottle conditioned.

For a straight kit with no mods, this is the berries  8)

Garry, thanks again , great to see a give away getting a fantastic review, this whole St Peter's range is a fantastic seller at Get 'er Brewed, glad you enjoyed it

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Quote from: Tube on March 17, 2014, 01:37:13 PM
Jeez Garry that's a bit diddley eyedley.

True, but I am trying to make a Brit look Irish  :P


Quote from: @geterbrewed on March 17, 2014, 11:35:50 PM
Garry, thanks again , great to see a give away getting a fantastic review, this whole St Peter's range is a fantastic seller at Get 'er Brewed, glad you enjoyed it
You're most welcome guys. The pleasure is all mine. Literally ;D

I was at a christening on Saturday. The only beer on tap I'd drink was Beamish. The Beamish is like this pint with its sweet malty aroma, but bitter taste. But Beamish has a redish hew. Like it's rebel brothers  :P The St Peter's is black as the ace of spades though. The head on this is also a tan color. Again, what you'd associate with a bottled stout.

There's a nice bitter dryness in the finish  :)

If brewing this kit I'd definitely recommend carbing to 2.0+.



I have a few of St Peters Cream Stout in my stock and reading your posts last night got me thirsty. I wonder how close the kit is to the commercial brand. :)
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fishjam45 (Colin)

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Was chatting to CH on friday about the Coopers Irish Stout Kit that I have recently put on and he gave me this to try.
Very easy drinking Stout Garry, theres defo a chocolate taste and judging by the review you've shown that its a very easy kit to do too.
I must try get a bottle or two of the stout I have on now down to you.
Half the batch is bottled and I'm dry hopping the other half of it with Fuggles at the moment.
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Glad you like it fish. I still have a few left. I'm trying to see if they will last until next winter? Will power Garry, will power  :P


Sorry Mr G hope you didn't mind better appreciated by someone who was going to appreciate it ;)


Not at all CH  :) It's nice to get the feedback  :)


Hi, I brewed this stout and bottled on 1st may 2014.I love it. It needs about six weeks in the bottle and should be drunk off the shelf. Astonishing quality and better than any commercially brewed stout I know. I made sure to keep to the recommended water amount. I can really give this one 10/10.☺


would either of you add anything/ hack this kit or keep it standard? Im thinking of a more straight forward brew this time home &its a toss between this & the craft brew range stout I think


It's good as-is  :) I might just steep some carapils (~150-200g) to aid head retention.


cheers Gary, will keep it in mind when I go to put my order in towards the end of my trip :)