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January 31, 2023, 08:01:53 AM


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[Review] Craft Range Citra American Pale Ale

Started by LordEoin, September 11, 2014, 12:01:25 AM

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Just pulled the first sample off the key, smells amazing. I think citra is becoming one of my favourite hops. Bit of cloudiness from the sediment but that will soon clear after the first few pints, really happy with this kit.


Have this brew in the bucket for just under two weeks and the krausen hasn't dissappeared at all, the starting Gravity was 1.052 and now it's about 1.020. It's been at a pretty constant 23oc and I'm going to add the hops tomorrow. It smells ok I'm just worried that it's taken so long to drop in Gravity and the head is still there - any ideas, advice would be great


at the 2 week mark mine was at 1.012. I dryhopped and it continued to ferment out to slowly for another week.
Don't bottle until you see a clear layer of clean looking yeast on the bottom.


Have this one to do,  im not sure if I should keg or bottle.  Also have the biab American hoppy IPA,  such great decisions


Just bottled my craft range ipa, been on the go 3 plus weeks at a constant 20℃. Tastes great, looking forward to sipping a few. Nicest kit I have tried.

marzen scorsese

this looks like a great kit for when you cant put the effort in for all grain. must get one of these and try it out. well impressed with the lasting head after only a week. never had one stay that early


I just finished this and it's tasting very strange indeed.  Very plastic or chemical type taste with strong liquorice tones.  Not sure if I have made a mess of it or not.  What flavours would you describe in this kit?.


Tasted odd to me too at 2 weeks, and is still odd at week 3 (1 week with dry hops).
Brewed @ 18C.

Your description seems to match.
I've been hoping that this will condition into something good.

I suspect I've messed something up on my side.
Temp is below the recommended for the kit.
I've added steeped carapils, 30mins @ 65C -- but maybe it got a bit hotter during the steep ? (have done this steep before without problems).
Maybe something left over from the cleaning of the FV (I clean with oxi and sometimes with VWP, rinse well with tap water, then a rinse with starsan)?

Used the same method for other brews that are fine.

I brewed the Craft Range IPA and it came out fantastic (definitely will be brewing it agin). Brewed it warmer without carapils.


December 09, 2014, 11:55:45 PM #23 Last Edit: December 10, 2014, 03:35:44 PM by LordEoin
Why, what's wrong with it? Remember it's only 2 weeks old.

I found this too hoppy for my tastes at first, but the hops are mellowed now and i love it (typically just when I'm running out)
I think the best for me was from about 6 weeks in the bottle onwards, from there it seems to calm down and balance out nicely.

One thing I mentioned earlier was that it called for 120g sugar for carbonation. This worked out over carbonated for me.
No bottle bombs or gushers, but just that little bit too carbonated to pour without a big-ass head.
My advice for anyone brewing this would be to just ignore the instructions for the priming sugar and use a priming calculator instead.
There should be plenty in 100g, but if you want more just top it up with table sugar.


yea - I was hoping it was just young and that it will condition well.


I know this post is as old as some hops in my fridge (must get around to clearing them out lol)

But I have just started this kit, tasted the wort post gravity reading which is bang on with what everyone seems to be getting 1.049, I think the taste is just the bitterness in the wort. Is not a bad flavour or an off flavour just a nice IPA bitterness. Packing this away in the brew room now for a couple weeks before dry hopping, can't wait to taste this once bottled.

Great kit so far, easy to do, 35 mins including cleaning and sanitation.