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Off Flavour Kits

Started by Leann ull, March 22, 2017, 12:27:11 AM

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Leann ull

So GCB and other clubs will have competitions this year but not all of our judges even though they are full NHC members have BJCP status. However in the interests of picking up off flavours we want to educate them not just for judging beer in comps but in general.
So question is what is the attitude of members to have the club fully or partly fund off flavour test Kits?  I don't know exactly but understand them to be €150
What other clubs are interested in also doing this, prerequisite would be that those doing it must be full members.
Idea would also be if there were clubs close to each other the tasting should be done together.
Anyway let's hear Members thoughts.

1. GCB


BJCP judges can get the kits cheaper as well I believe. We've done it in Ncb before.
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Was there not a discussion at the AGM to have a central stock of these nationally, then if  local clubs wanted to organise an off flavour session, they could collect subs of members and get a pack from the NHC stock?

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This would be helpful as we have 15 members of the Midlands Club ready to purchase one of these kits. I know the Galway lads are looking into it too. If there was a central supply to pull from it would be a lot easier from a club point of view.
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Leann ull

All NHC members? Which would be a prerequisite


Where are these purchased from? Got a link?


Would love to get involved with this, but our club is still finding its feet. We have no BJCP judges or anyone really who can critically evaluate the beers we produce, so would like to start down the path myself.


Quote from: CH on March 22, 2017, 11:29:15 AM
All NHC members? Which would be a prerequisite
Sure - didn't really go into that level of detail at the AGM. Main point being having a supply handy that the national club can re-charge back to the local club. After that the local club can do whatever and the NHC can re stock.

I think Andrew had something in mind IIRC


Don't you host an off flavour tasting night every month in The Harbour Bar ??  :P


Right now there are 3 makers of sensory session kits that I am aware of- I've tested all three. Siebel is the best, they are liquid vials and I find their flavours to be the most distinguishable. Aroxa and FlavorActive are both powder based- they are good but can be a little less perceivable than Seibel. Seibel used to be quite expensive but they revised their prices last year and are now easily the best value option.

And here's the plus side- anyone who has a BJCP ID is entitled to get a subsidised 12 Flavour Kit once a year. This is $100 plus free shipping. Normally it would be $130 + $29 shipping, so a saving of $59.

It was discussed at last years AGM, and there was an idea that the NHC might cover half the cost of the kits and we'd keep a rolling supply. I'm quite happy to manage/administer this if we want to go this route. We would need to get a pool of BJCP ID from judges who don't want to order the kits for themselves.

Finally, I am more than willing to travel to any club looking to do a sensory session (within reason).  All a club needs to supply is the Seibel kit, 12 x 500ml shite beer (Coors Light or Molson Canadian is perfect) and print off the NHC sensory session sheets (found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByOZArUwVPpPQmpValZpbU5jekk)


Quote from: BrewDorg on March 22, 2017, 12:02:22 PM
Would love to get involved with this, but our club is still finding its feet. We have no BJCP judges or anyone really who can critically evaluate the beers we produce, so would like to start down the path myself.
We've met- last year at the Kilkenny Beer Fest at Billy Byrnes. I've no problem heading down to KK on a Saturday or Sunday and running a sensory session- we could even time it to coincide with this years festival.


I remember it well Andrew. Thanks for the offer, that would be absolutely brilliant. This year's festival is going to be July 5th to 8th. I'll put the idea forward to the other guys in the club too and see how much interest there is.


I know about the BJCP discount as I have used it for the NCB.

But what about a NHC bulk discount? We have now, how many BJCP judges??

This shows Siebel and BJCP that Ireland is very committed.

What is the best before date on these? Many years I would suggest.

So why not ask for a bulk buy of say 10 kits?
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The BBF is usually 2 years, I will double check tonight...