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December 02, 2022, 05:10:30 PM


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Buying an RO setup

Started by cochised, April 27, 2020, 03:29:23 PM

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Got mine as well (2 weeks delivery), I got a 3/4 connector but need to make the gauntlet to a hardware shop to get another adapter.


This is what I had to do:
1/4" tubing slots into a cutoff of 3/8" gas line I have for my kegerator. 3/8 line into a john guest reducer which I just clipped on a garden hose with a jubilee clip. Does the job but you'll want to aim off for joining your 1/4" water line to a garden hose somehow.


Mine has sat in box since arrival as back in work and it is mental.

What is time needed to get say 27 litres?


I did a test run and it took about an hour to fill a 5L container and it filled a 25L bucket with the "waste" water at the same time.

I plan on using the waste water for cleaning and watering the garden. At least get some use out of it!


Wow, knew there was waste water but didn't realise how much.

Yeah, need to do something with the run off or wouldn't be right.

Bought a pump to use with my chiller to avoid such waste too.

Not massively environmentally minded but always feel there is too much water wasted in this hobby 


Well as long as I'm reusing the waste for watering the garden and washing It's better than constantly using up plastic water bottles!


Ah yeah, once it doesn't go down the drain its fine. Think I'll invest in a water butt to store it


Quote from: itsclinto on April 27, 2020, 05:14:13 PMI picked up this one from water filter man

It does the job. I get about 5 litres per hour and i feel it has made a huge difference to my brewing.

I also made it tidy by transplanting it into a tool box which makes it portable for a brew day

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@itsclinto, would you remember where you got the toolbox or what's the brand/model? I've been looking for something to put mine into but couldn't find any that would fit


@Markov I think i had to look around but found this one in Homebase in Drogheda.  I don't think it was too expensive either.  I'll check the name on it and size when i get home and let you know


Just had a look and it's 435mm X 210mm X 190mm. The name on the box is craftright so it definitely was cheap

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Brilliant thanks for that will have a look out for one or something similar!