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January 27, 2021, 07:37:38 PM


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Chieftain IPA clone : Help needed

Started by rberehoudougou, October 06, 2020, 12:05:34 PM

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October 06, 2020, 12:05:34 PM Last Edit: October 06, 2020, 08:51:32 PM by rberehoudougou
Hi all,
I really love chieftain IPA from Franciscan Well and have been trying to clone it without success (My first time writing a recipe). I need help with this.
Here is what I've got for my 5th iteration .:

OG:1.065  FG:1.024   ABV:5.5%
IBU: 35.5     BU/GU:0.544
Color: 16.1 EBC

Batch Size : 21L Boil time: 60 min

6.2  kg Pale Ale
0.16 kg Caramunich I
0.13 kg Caramunich III

20g Magnum @60 min (28.5 IBU)
30g Tettnang @15 min (6.9 IBU)

60g Citra Dry Hop 4 days

WLP002 English Ale yeast

68C for 60min

Your help will be really appreciated in getting this right this time !
The hops are the ones they use according to their own description :
Ingredients: Ale malt, Crystal Malt Hops: Citra, Tettnanger and Magnum

Thanks people !


You should get a can and take a hydrometer reading some. 1.024 sounds a bit high for FG.


Being a long time since I tasted this beer but I remember it as a very sweet taste. 1024fg does seem a bit too high though.
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I see what you mean , but I switched to WLP002 (63-70% attenuation) in search for that sweetness.
I tried Vienna malt and Safale s-04 in a previous version, but that did not yield the desired sweetness.
I will definitely take a hydrometer reading from a can to see.


Once you know FG and abv you can work out OG. With yeast attenuation you can work out mash temp.


I would use a good dose of Crystal malt in there rather than Caramunich. I'm also pretty sure they always used US-05 at Fran Well.


I'd say it's something like crystal 385 ebc. Wouldn't be surprised if it was just a base malt and crystal. Haven't had a pint of it in a while but would put the FG at something closer to 1.014
Hops I'd have to have another taste to reacquaint myself with it.


I managed to get some readings from a can (they are impossible to take measurements once carbonated ! ;) )
Final Gravity is between 1.010 -1.012
And the ABV on on the can is 5.5%


You really need to heat up the sample to remove the co2. That way you get a better reading.
Dei miscendarum discipulus
Forgive us our Hangovers as we forgive those who hangover against us


Any one else out there that can help as I am in the same dilemma. Love Chieftain, Love brewing but need a recipe