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September 30, 2020, 02:58:03 am


Renewing ? Its fast and easy - just pay here

Hi, I'm from Fermoy (Cork)

Started by danilo, October 22, 2019, 11:26:40 am

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I have started recently (5 small batches). Looking for knowledge and equipment. I've noticed that I'm in the right place. :)
I would like to start using CO2. Wondering if someone knows where to buy a 2kg cylinder in Cork or nearby?
Thank you


I believe Munster Gases are the place to go, search for them in Cork (not sure exactly of address).

Though they may not sell you a 2Kg cylinder or even fill them.


Hi Danilo, how's it going?

Munster CO2 sold me a cylinder and did a fill for me a few years back. They're still going but I haven't been up there in ages.
Give them a phone call and ask if he has any cylinders for sale. Go for a 6kg if you have room for it, as it's better value. The cost of purchase and refill is only a small bit higher but you get far more gas.



Hi Danilo. Munster CO2 is the place alright you'll get them on 0860664035 and they are up in Mayfield. They don't always have tanks for sale but its the best place to look. I also at one stage got a 6Kg empty fire extinguisher for free from somehwere and got Roy up at munster CO2 to remove the dip tube and fill it. Worked a treat.