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Brewing in Kerry

Started by LordEoin, May 30, 2016, 11:45:58 am

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This 'Kerry Brewers' section is created for all of the people we talked to in Killarney who thought there was nobody else brewing locally.
Feel free to make this place your home and if you pick a club name later on we can update it.


That's great. I'm based in Kerry. I brew mainly hoppy beers and stouts. Would be great if we could eventually get a club up and running.


A few thoughts...
Kerry is a big county - maybe say what town or area you are in.
In order to get a meet together, consider public transport or find a spot near a hostel so you can stay over.
I'm sure there are lots more interested and existing homebrewers than we met in Killarney.
Any decent craft beer (I believe Courtneys was mentioned) should be open to accommodating a meet with bottle swaps and tasting if you chat with the bar staff.


hey Danny how you doing? where you based?

you too armedcor where you ?

there must be more than just the three of us brewing in Kerry!


I'm from north Kerry but I'm living and brewing in cork. Great to hear theres a few more airlocks bubbling back home.  Theres a guy from castleisland direction who pops his head up here every now and again but thats about it from Kerry as far as I know.
Hopefully a few more will find there way here. It would be nice to get a Kerry club going properly, I might even defect from the Rebels  ;)


I talked with home brewers from the general areas of Dingle, Killarney, Castleisland, Killorglin, and more.
They're out there alright, it just takes a little time to build momentum :)


Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and fairly new to Kerry having moved to Inch from London last November.

My girlfriend Sibeal and I met a few of the guys doing the brewing demonstration last saturday in Killarney.  Since then I have finally started brewing with a kit I was given ages ago, thanks for the kick up the arse!  :)


Hi Dave,
I remember the pair of you.
Good on you for getting started.
No more procrastinating, at least until tomorrow!


Awesome! We pushed someone down the slippery slope  ;D
Remember that time and patience are among the most important ingredients


Hey daveyg
How's the brew coming along ?


Hey Daveb,

so the brew is coming along, it will be 3 weeks in the fermenter this coming sunday.  Its a St Peters IPA kit, which was a year out of date (for the yeast)..  But fermentation started vigorously so I figured all was fine.

I had noticed a bannana smell from the airlock, which has been reducing for the last week or so.  I took a reading today and tasted it, it tastes of green apples and maybe a bit astringent, I cant taste any nice hop flavours yet  >:(.   It was 22 degrees during the first few weeks of fermentation, so maybe a bit too warm?  The aftertaste reminds me of the  aftertaste from the very cheap stubby bottles of supermarket french lager I used to pinch from my dad when I was too young to be drinking!

I plan to bottle on Sunday and just leave it to condition for a while, looking around online this kit seems to be better after a while of ageing, hopefully all the off flavours will disappear.

Spent half of yesterday cleaning bottles..  Not the most interesting part of the process!

I have another kit just arrived (st peters cream stout), so will get that in to fermentation next week.


Dave B

what are you brewing at the moment?


Hello guys nice to see there is now a group for Kerry area. If a few more show interest here then there is a good possibility to set up regular meetings in a suitable location. I would be interested in any meetings in Killarney or Tralee area. I live only a few miles from Co. Kerry where I am in Co. Cork


Hi lads,

I'd be interested in a meet somewhere too. again possibly killarney or tralee.

I've just lately changed my brewing system from a BIB system and built a mash tun from a €14 coolbox from woodies, €20 worth of parts from boyles in castleisland and a 12" bazooka from homebrew company.

I'm sat here sampling my first batch from the new kit and it makes such a difference. I also tried my hand at my first parti-gyle brew and made 3 batches from the same mash, just adding small amounts of new grain to the second and third batches.
I bought one white labs yeast pouch and split it three ways making a starter and adding a third to each batch. They've all kicked off nicely and today I dry hopped the three of them using variations of Nelson Sauvin and Cascade hops.

What's everyone else in Kerry and Rathmore been brewing?