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July 13, 2020, 03:32:01 am


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First Kerry meet

Started by davebhoy1975, September 04, 2016, 10:55:53 pm

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I've a mate in tralee thats half interested in brewing. I'll see if he can recommend any pubs there that might be cool with homebrewers. I Havent lived in Kerry for years so I've no idea what the pubs are like in tralee these days. 


No bother with me davebhoy


Cheers Danny. Hope everyone else is ok with the date change too.
I've a contact in hennesseys if that's any good.


Actually I'm away on the 6th but work away if it suits everyone else, no hassle.

I could prob sort out a venue in Castleisland if worst comes to worst.



The 6th is ok for me as well. I will give Roundy's a call later this week to see if they are ok with the meet, but I should be able to find somewhere else if not, but the selection of beer will not be great.


Just a thought but where is everyone from? Would Killarney be more central? or would Tralee one time and Killarney the next time be more suitable?

There's a great brewery in Killarney that I'm sure would love a local homebrew community to hold a meeting or two there.

Also if Danny can't make the 6th what about changing to the Wednesday or the Tuesday? I can make the Tue or Wed that week or the week before!


Myself & Gugs44 are from Castleisland, so either Tralee or Killarney is suitable for us.


So lads what's the plan? Are we going ahead on Thursday at the Roundy?


Sorry I have been crazy with work for the last few weeks. I will not be able to make it. I tried to get in contact with Roundys but they do not have a phone and I have not been in Tralee to call into them.


No worries.

Can everyone make next Thursday? I'll call into the Killarney brewery over the weekend and find out if we can hold our first meet there.
I'll try get a deal on the tour followed by a couple of tasters plus we can have a taste of our own too.

Could you all just message ya or nah please and I can get a rough idea of numbers. The tour is usually €12 per head which includes a few tasters and snacks but I'll chance my arm and ask what the best price they can do for us. (you don't ask you don't get!).

We could maybe even rope Andrew the head brewer into joining us for a Q&A session about our own techniques and set ups.

any way let me know what you all think and if your available



sounds like a great meet up. Their saison is excellent, good luck with the meet up lads


Fair play.
Dispite the popular misconception - its actually not easy to organise a piss up in a brewery!


Andrew is the master brewer there. See if you can get him in on the gig.
I visited a month ago, the lad behind the bar is starting homebrewing too.
They don't do a 'bar' where you buy pints, just tasting. A pissup in a brewery in Ireland is inhibited by archaic laws!


I'd be well up for that Davebhoy for whenever it can be arranged for. I informed Gugs44 as well and he should be up for it too. I haven't had a tour of the brewery yet so it would be great to do both.