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The Kerry Library

Started by davebhoy1975, October 28, 2016, 09:38:40 am

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Here's a list of the few books I have.......

Brewing better beer - Gordon Strong
Water - John Palmer and Colin Kaminsky
Hops - Stan Hieronymus
Malt - John Mallett
Yeast - Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff
How to brew _ John Palmer
Home-brew beer - Greg Hughes

If you want to have a read at any of them let me know before the next meet and I'll bring them along.



Only got around to compiling my list now

Porters & Stouts - Terry Foster
Mastering Homebrew - Randy Mosher
Modern Homebrew Recipes - Gordon Strong
The Complete Joy of Homebrewing - Charlie Papazian
The Homebrewers Companion - Charlie Papazian
Mikkeller Book of Beer - Mikkel Bjorg
Wisdom for Homebrewers - Ted Brunning


I'd love a read at porters & stouts if you don't mind Danny.


No bother Dave. I might take a loan of the water one so please.


Good idea Dave.
I was thinking of this before for the Cork contingent.
I wanted to go all fancy and use a cloud based library app and then dropped the idea.
A library thread is nice simple idea.


I read your post Johnrm about a library when you posted it. So in effect I stole your idea lol :-\
You were 100% when you said most books are read once ...... It just seems like a good idea to share between the lads.

Danny I'll be sure to bring the brewers publication on water but I will say that out of all 4 books in the series it's definitely the hardest read. I'm studying a science degree with the OU and I found it very difficult at parts it's all enzymes and substrates. Saying that though, some of it is straight forward enough.


No worries, I'll give it a go as I am considering going down the reverse osmosis route.


how'd you get on with the book? you still considering reverse osmosis?


January 12, 2017, 08:42:39 am #8 Last Edit: January 12, 2017, 10:00:27 am by BigDanny84
It's a tough read, you were right. Have struggled to read more than a couple of chapters so far. Need to give it another go. Ya, still thinking of RO, have seen people online saying that water chemistry has made the biggest difference to their beer.

I got gifted a couple of books at Christmas but haven't started any of them yet.

How are you getting on with the stout and porter book?


I finished the porter book in a few hours. In fact I've read it twice now. Great book.