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July 15, 2020, 07:02:43 pm


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Meet up?

Started by mr hoppy, January 13, 2018, 12:08:54 am

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mr hoppy

Why? What? Where? When?


We need to pick our 5 club beers for nationals anyway.
Getting into brewing to save money on beer is like buying a boat to save money on fish......

Dr Horrible

How about at the Fran We'll cask fest?

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I've only got a few bottles of mead   :(


I only have nothing worth bring in either....


I have a can of Dutch Gold.
When's the cask event?


What date are ye thinking lads? Are yer meets usually weekends?

Dr Horrible

The cask fest is next Friday and Saturday (26th and 27th). We've been starting early enough (7ish) on a Friday the last while so those of us out in the sticks can get a bus home.
Doesn't have to be then or there though, I just suggested because I'll probably be heading along anyway.

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I'd say the Well is probably packed during the cask fest. Abbott's might be better to meet up or if you want a seat. Can check out the new downstairs bar in the meantime

Or meet up in the Well early, 6-7 ish. Might not be to busy then.

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