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July 10, 2020, 01:19:42 pm


Renewing ? Its fast and easy - just pay here

Munster Co2

Started by LordEoin, November 16, 2016, 03:59:48 pm

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Munster Co2 has changed ownership.
They no longer have the old landline number.
If you need a refill call Roy on 086-0664035. Say you're from 'The HomeBrew Club'.
6kg refills are €20
2kg refills are €10
Anything in between will be around €15.

He no longer gives out tanks, but he has one 2kg fire extinguisher left with the diptube removed for €10.


I've been looking for a 2kg tank, might give him a call. My 6kg tank probably needs refilling as well.


It's handy to have a 2kg backup, or for bringing with you to a party etc

Leann ull

thats what I thought too but just spend all my time filling it for the same cost as a 5Kg tank :-
I've gotta stop using it for main carbonation of 2 kegs at a time which I think is my problem tbh
Just noticed this thread, AJ bought out Munster.


Does anyone if the CO2 Roy supplies is food grade or is it mainly just for welding?



If you're wondering about Munster CO2, that's what we all use in Cork.


Not sure. Sure ask him.
He might have a spec sheet or something.


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Am in the market for a 5kg refill. (am based in tipp. Sorry about interjecting into your club thread. But given Corks, recent beatings of Tipp in multiple codes, i am hoping ye won't mind!)
Where is Roy based in cork? Is it a case of dropping off and collecting another day, or is it done while you wait?



Dr Horrible

Cant speak since they changed ownership but they always filled for me while I waited.

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Thanks lads. Will see when i can get down that direction, and give him a bell.


Is Munster CO2 still in business? I passed there the other day and it looked abandoned. Don't want to go calling someone that's out of business a couple of years. :)


It was in business a few months ago anyway. you might have called at lunch time or something. He shuts up shop.


Thanks. It's still Roy on 086-0664035? He can supply a new bottle?


I think that's the right person. Not been up there in a while.
He does not supply tanks like the previous owner would.