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July 15, 2020, 07:22:22 pm


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Rebel work to be done

Started by johnrm, April 10, 2017, 11:17:59 am

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So, Cork.
Second biggest city in the south.
Largest county.

I have had conversations with a couple of ye and there seems to be increasing interest in beer judging and critique.
Pubs are great for pints and a laugh, unfortunately a this is not ideal for sensory and scoring beers.
1. Where to do this?
2. Frequency?
3. Who wants to organise?

Additionally, brewdays are tricky from a bunch of perspectives...
1. We don't really do them (not publically at least) Should we do them? In a pub or public space? Spare industrial space?
2. Club rig - should we piece together a basic kit? Gas or electric? This would need to be stored in a secure/club space.
3. Fermentation - Where would this take place? Temp Control?

BTW, in case you didn't know, there are Whatsapp groups for Rebels and East Cork Rebels.

Opening it to the floor for ideas...


Just looking at what happens in Tog in Dublin, and the Kilkenny lads have a space going in Thomastown i believe, might be worth picking their brains to see what they have going for some inspiration

It's always a plus to have a space that you can store equipment and potentially fermenters.

Not sure if there's anywhere in Cork that you could use (like a brewery/brewpub or brew related place maybe?) That would have some open space spare . But if you found someone willing, They could get the mutual benefit of having heads come to the same venue and could turn to potential customers. Saving you having  to look into renting a common space or that

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Responsibility and ownership is always a problem for gear, particularly as people come and go.
The question of cost is a big one, particularly if you need to pay rent for a space - brewing at home costs nothing in rent.

A group of us had a stab at a Makerspace in Midleton in the past year.
Finding a space that came in at a reasonable cost was a problem.
Additionally you need a critical mass, assigned responsibility and commitment to make these things happen.

Anyway, on with the thread...


Yeah the only maker space was in the old tax office and that's gone now, I often look at the the commercial lettings in dreams of what could be. I don't think any of the breweries would have space for us, and all liability issues for them. I'll keep an eye out for places suitable for a taste meetup.

Dr Horrible

Do you think we'd do enough group brews and/or tastings to justify renting somewhere?  I'd say we'd probably only do a few a year, would we better just looking for somewhere we could use for the day?  I have space to store gear if needs be.  If we could identify a few spots around the place we could move around a bit as well where it might be handier for the guys that are further from the city - the brew in Sam's was good for meeting the West Cork guys, for instance.


Actually I should get back onto the hub, they have a while upstairs and outdoor area and they were interested in homebrewing. I wonder if it's the same person in charge.


I just found this - http://benchspacecork.ie/?p=1. a shared/makerspace for woodworking/furniture in Cork. It might be worth reaching out to them to see how they found/funded a space.


Hi John
great post I think we will have the same problem as we had with the makerspace essentially paying for it. As a newbie to the east cork rebels group and still essentially an outsider looking in. I believe everyone in the group is keen to have a meet up but for that to be successful we are relaying on the generosity of a member to host an event which may be a stretch for some partners etc. Saying that we could schedule a quarterly event be it a brew day or a meet up in a bar based on shared responsibility i.e. Everyone takes a turn organising an event but scheduled well in advance to allow passports to be stamped, houses to be painted just like the stations of the cross. :) with maybe a whole cork event organised for winter/summer.
There's no reason to why it can't work.

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Sorry should have said I'd be glad to be involved in organising something.

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Quote from: dcalnan on April 10, 2017, 11:08:46 pm
Actually I should get back onto the hub, they have a while upstairs and outdoor area and they were interested in homebrewing. I wonder if it's the same person in charge.

What was the name of the manager ye were discussing the homebrewing with or have you been in touch with them since you posted here? I might be able to get in touch with the current manager tomorrow night.
I like the idea proposed here. There are plenty of disused buildings around and surely it may be possible to find some place, bureaucracy around insurance liability and cost of renting and health and safety are biggest considerations.


I haven't been in, keep meaning to but haven't been into town at the weekend during the daytime for ages. I used to go to college right next door to the hub, and I was always in there. And I'm away again this weekend, but i think the manager has changed since the last time we were in there, they have a lot more online presence now and have the buffalo lane bbq thing most weekends now.